The moments we live, the people who cross our paths, the places we pass, determine our memories. But this past that passes by, nostalgic or factual, wrestles with our memories : it changes, fades, melts or evaporates. NEAN’s most personal art works are about the issues of time, about the little appointments with the novel of our life, for a bit better or a bit less worse. The wall as a support matches perfectly with this comparison with time, with its growing older and his decay, never to be forgotten; or the merger of the interventions that, even in layers, are conserving the tracks of their presence.

Born in 1991, NEAN lives and works in Brussels.


  • 2020

    solo show :

    • "FROM BRUSSELS WITH LOVE", Take A Butcher’s Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

    group show :

    • "UNCOVERED", Goldshteyn-Saatort Gallery, Paris, France

  • 2019

    group show :

    • "VAPORS 3.0", Espace 110, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2018

    group show :

    • "UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL", Take a Butcher's Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

  • 2017:

    duo show :

    • "DUALITY" with Eyes-B, Huberty Breyne Gallery & The Crystal Ship, Brussels, Belgium

    group shows :

    • "VAPORS 2.0", Cultural Center of Uccle, Brussels, Belgium

    • "LEAVING SIGNS", Martine Ehmer Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2016:

    group shows :

    • "STROKAR", Espace Vanderborght, Brussels, Belgium

    • "BETWEEN THE LINES", Bastien Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2015:

    group shows :

    • "PRISME", Pyramide, Brussels, Belgium

    • "URBAN ART AT ULB", Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

    • "VAPORS", Pyramide, Brussels, Belgium